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Temporary Agent Queue/Skill Assignment Management with Automated Rollback



Introducing an automated "Temporary Skill Management" capability

Created with current CX platforms in mind, our toolset helps customers looking to enhance their ability to address service level challenges and to immediately unlock underutilized agent capacity, especially during unexpected call volume fluctuations. With our cloud-based tools, you can easily manage your operations without the reliance on multiple support groups that would typically initiate changes for you, leaving the control in your operations hands. Your operations team will be able to quickly change call taker routing configurations to handle any situation that comes their way, e.g. unexpected call volume spikes, disaster recovery activities, seasonality fluctuations, etc. And our automated roll-back capabilities make it easy to restore previous states without any effort… 100% automated return to back to the original agent skills configuration state prior to the temporary changes.

Agent Skills Configuration Management

Overcoming reliance on outside support groups, time consuming repetitive tasks & eliminating human error.


You can now simplify your call routing skill assignments in your CX contact center application today. Currently, temporary changes are time-consuming and prone to error, leading to bad customer experiences and poor performance results. By adding the Agent Skills Configuration Management Toolset to your contact center technology, you can reduce the workload on your staff and minimize risks through automation and user-friendly interfaces.

These interfaces are designed to allow operations teams the flexibility and autonomy of making on-the-fly temporary changes with the extra added benefit of scheduling these changes in the future if required. Furthermore, the automation functionality reduces staff workload and eliminates the risk of human error.




Harness AI insights, assign skilled agents, and predict future needs for exceptional customer service.


Our solution enables workforce management teams to efficiently schedule underutilized resources for future or immediate needs. This is especially useful for occasions such as unexpected call volume spikes, disaster recovery events and any other anomalies associated with call volume distribution.

By leveraging our powerful platform, you will be able to accurately predict future interaction volume needs and plan accordingly. This will allow your team the to quickly respond when sudden changes in demand that occur and provides the most efficient service for customers.

With our solution, you can use AI-driven insights to identify which agents have the capacity to handle unexpected interactions or media channel increases. Additionally, you can use flexible schedules to ensure that your staff always has enough time between tasks to ensure peak performance when needed.

Temporary Agent Queue/Skill Administration

Unlock the power of real-time agent skill assignment management while also automatically Reverting back changes After a designated time duration


When it comes to managing service levels or ensuring an exceptional customer experience, the management of skills assignments and enablement is a time-consuming effort. Our tool provides an operations user the capability to temporarily change an agent's skill assignments, as well as priority/proficiency levels, with just a few clicks.

When there is a degradation in service levels and available capacity is not utilized, our solution enables the operations team to redirect the call volume temporarily for a pre-scheduled period of time. Upon pre-schedule completion, our AI engine will automatically reconfigure the temporary changes back to their original state.

Rolling changes back at the end of the day or shift is a task dating back to the early '80s. This tool allows the user to apply a skill assignment change and forget about it. When the specified time is reached, the tool will automatically rollback the change to the prior agent skill assignment configuration

Agent Workload Scheduler

Maximize operational efficiency with the ability to pre-schedule temporary agent skill assignments


When a team has a planned project, training, or other job responsibilities, our solution makes it easy to plan and schedule off-time for individuals who need to be assigned to other tasks.

For example, our solution allows operation teams or individual call takers the ability to schedule on-and-off phone time. This is especially useful for personnel such as tech support, engineers, doctors, and nurses (to name a few) who have other job responsibilities outside of answering client interactions.

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