Enable your intraday performance team to directly address unplanned events

without outside IT assistance

Effortlessly manage your workforce with our

omnichannel ready cloud-based tools

Introducing our Omnichannel
Workforce Management Tool

Adapt to any customer demand with ease - Our cloud-based tools let you manage your workforce effortlessly by temporarily adjusting skill assignments and automating roll-backs.

Reliance on Telephony Resources Significantly Reduced

Efficiently manage your workforce and reduce telephony costs


Our tool enables your workforce management team to make intraday adjustments autonomously, which significantly reduces the reliance on telephony resources. With this ability to quickly and easily adjust the skill assignments of call takers, contact center managers can better optimize their workforce to meet the needs of customers without overburdening their telephony resources.

Providing autonomy to the operations team improves customer satisfaction, reduces the costs associated with maintaining a large telephony infrastructure and allows the operations team to control their destiny. Our tool enables the contact centers to achieve greater efficiency, better resource management, and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Single Pane of Glass to Manage Temporary Queue Skill Assignments

Streamline Workforce Management & Enhance Customer Service!


This tool provides a comprehensive solution for managing temporary queue skill assignments. With the tool's "Single Pane of Glass" feature, you can easily view and manage all of your temporary queue skill assignments in one place, without the need for manual intervention or multiple interfaces.

This feature provides a seamless experience for workforce and operations teams, allowing them to quickly adjust the skill assignments of call takers in response to changing business needs. With OpsTel's Temporary Queue/Skills Management tool, you can streamline your workforce management process, increase efficiency, and ensure that your customer service operations are always running smoothly.

Streamlining the process of managing your workforce by eliminating the need for multiple tools and interfaces provides you with a centralized location to make real-time changes to staff skill assignments. With this tool, you'll save time and resources, and reduce the likelihood of errors or confusion that can occur when juggling multiple systems.

With OpsTel's advanced reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to gain valuable insights into your workforce performance and optimize your staffing to ensure the best possible customer experience. With OpsTel's Temporary Queue/Skills Management tool, your contact center can become more efficient, effective, and responsive to the evolving needs of your customers.

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